Visiting A Grave? Bringing Decorations?

Please take a moment and read the sign just inside the cemetery gate that outlines the can and can-nots of grave decorating. Basically, decorations are limited to ground level live/artificial flowers/arrangements, free standing potted flowers/plants and seasonal wreaths. Anything else will be removed by the cemetery staff.

Memorial Day Flags

Memorial Day is the only day in which a flag may be placed on a grave. On any other day regardless of size, representation or occasion, flags are against regulations and will be removed.

The Cemetery is, above all, a military site and therefore commands the regulations and procedures attendant to such an area. The establishment of these rules has as its intended effect no interference with the plain and uniform setting as befits said grounds.

One should be able to visit the cemetery where–in the headstones are “..row upon row” as it were, and no individual plot or plots stands out because of the adornment there–on.