The Fort Sheridan Post Cemetery – established in 1889–is an on–going military burial site under the perpetual ownership of the Federal Government.

Situated on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan and surrounded by wooded ravines and Lake County Forest Preserve property in the north section of the old Fort Sheridan Reservation, the Post Cemetery offers a serene and simple setting befitting the 2500 retirees and dependents now interred.

This special area is devoted exclusively to the interment/inurnment of retired armed forces members (including reservists) receiving retirement pay, to those who have died on active duty and to the dependents of the above.

The Fort Sheridan Post Cemetery is not a National Cemetery that is available to all veterans regardless of status due to service. It may be said that the no–cost burial in a Post Cemetery that encompasses the site, the opening and closing of the grave, the headstone and the maintenance is a perpetual benefit afforded to those who have given a life–time of service to their country.

The Fort Sheridan Post Cemetery is one of only twelve Post Cemeteries still active and subject to the rules and regulations of the Department of the Army. Locally, this cemetery is under the direct supervision of Commander, Ft. McCoy, Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin.

Grave excavating and back–fill, headstone ordering and placing, burial ceremonies, dis–interments, decoration regulations compliance, light maintenance, flags and flag protocol, general information, administration, records and Memorial Day flags are contracted duties.

Inquires of the above nature may be made to Joe Rafferty, Post Cemetery Supervisor, Phone and Fax 847–615–0232, Email

Maintenance, roads and upkeep is the contracted responsibility of the Lake County Forest Preserve District. Direct inquires to Operations Department, Mr. Tom Morganson @ 847–968–3413.